Manage contacts

Before registering a domain name you need to create a contact object for your customer.

Click on the Create > Contact link to get the create contact object form.


Special attention for:

  • Fields with a star are mandatory
  • NIC-HANDLE: a unique identifier in de database that you can choose yourself. For your convenience stick to a particular prefix or suffix that matches the registrar. E.g. the contacts created for the registry itself all start with "sxm-". Syntax requirements: only letters, digits and the dash ("-") are allowed. The handle needs to be not less than 3 and not more than 16 long.
  • Phone and fax number follow the E164 standard, hence commence with a plus ("+") sign followed by the country telephone prefix, a dot (".") and the local number. A fictitious example for Luxembourg could be "+352.12345678".

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