Submit sunrise applications

Before submitting a sunrise application for your customer, they need to pass the trademark for validation to the IP ClearingHouse (CHIP). Once validated CHIP will provide a pvrc (Pre-Validation Result Code), a unique identifier of 25 characters long that is coupled to the domain name corresponding with the trademark.

Click on the Create > Domain link to get the create domain object form.


Special attention for:

  • Make sure the domain name ends with ".sx"
  • Choose the appropriate period (from 1 year up to 10 years)
  • Fill out the C.H.I.P. code (pvrc)
  • Fill out the C.H.I.P. code (pvrc)

The applied for domain name will not be registered right away, but will have a status flag "pendingCreate", indicating that the registry has to wait till the end of the sunrise to activate the domain name.

More information about the different Status Flags is explained in the EPP status codes document (PDF) on the ICANN website.

The Application Status can be one of the following statuses:

  • pending: initial status after submitting the application
  • validated: the registry has successfully verified the pvrc code with the IP ClearingHouse
  • invalid: the verification of the pvrc code with the IP ClearingHouse failed
  • rejected: the domain object will be removed from the registry database
  • allocated: the application will be turned into a registered domain name

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